A variety of services, designed for end-to-end health economics and research application.


Explore and compare existing health economic models for different diseases, conditions and interventions. Models provided for numerous countries including New Zealand, Australia, UK and USA. Intended for policy-makers, researchers and decision-makers wanting initial insights on health economics.

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League Table

Subgroup Analysis

Effectiveness Analysis

Health Economics

Understand and modify the elements that drive and determine economic value and ultimately a health systems’ willingness-to-pay for a healthcare product. Intended for decision-makers and organisations wanting to systematically compare technologies, access new markets and secure reimbursement strategies across a number of healthcare environments and systems.

Cost Utility Analysis

Subgroup Analysis

Value-Based Pricing

Budget Impact


Gain a birds-eye view of a therapeutic or disease-specific area. Navigate the complex and multi-layered environment of investment and strategy using a variety of tools. These tools aim to triangulate a number of areas, including clinical value, economic impact, and market uncertainty, directionality and speed. Intended for investors, venture capitalists', and organisations expanding R&D.

Market & Pricing

Budget Impact

Cost Utility Analysis

Research & Analytics

Access a variety of tools, analytics and data solutions. These include clinical and non-clinical databases that drive systematic and rigorous research. Making sense of data and information by utilizing a number of methods and applications centered around Python (Scikit-learn, Keras and TensorFlow). Extensive experience in designing health economic components (value, outcomes and costs) that fit across clinical trials (phases 2-4) and research.


Clinical Trials

Literature Reviews

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